Are Most Musicians Introverts?

Nov 15 · 4 min read

For as long as there's been music, there have been introverts. But what about the more extroverted of us? Are we doomed to forever be in the audience when it comes to making music? Thankfully not! Here are some tips for those who want to sing and play but have trouble finding their voice

Do you know any famous musicians who are extroverted?

The Beatles. Elvis Presley. Britney Spears. Justin Bieber. Lady Gaga. Miley Cyrus. Taylor Swift and Beyoncé are all examples of famous musicians who aren't introverts, but they're also not the norm when it comes to artists who make music for a living, either—and that's what this article is about!

In fact, you may be surprised at how many extroverted traits some of your favorite artists have shown in interviews or on-stage appearances:

Bono has spoken about how he's always looking for an audience member's eye contact during U2 concerts because "it makes what I do possible."

Tom Petty told Rolling Stone magazine that he was often criticized for being too outgoing on stage as lead singer of The Heartbreakers: "I'm not sure why people think a lead singer has to be shy and retiring," he said."They don't seem to think Mick Jagger is too outgoing."

How does music help introverts?

Music can be a way to express emotions. If you're shy or an introvert, it might be hard for you to find words for how you're feeling. Music can help with that. You may feel more comfortable talking about what music means to you because it isn't quite as personal as saying how the song made you feel. Also, music has a rhythm and patterns that are similar to human speech patterns—it's easier for some of us to relate to musical phrases than spoken ones!

Music can help introverts feel more comfortable in social situations too! When people around us are talking, we often prefer listening over speaking ourselves. We value this ability because it helps us enjoy our time with other people more and participate as much as possible without feeling exhausted by all the talking around us! And when we need some space? Music gives us an excuse: "I'm just going somewhere where I won't disturb anyone."

Finally, music helps introverts feel more comfortable in their own skin too! If there’s one thing all artists have in common (whether they know it or not) is being able to create something out of nothing — whether it be through painting or photography or poetry or dancing ballet…the list goes on and on. And when faced with big challenges like these every day (like trying new things), eventually those challenges won’t seem so daunting anymore because we've grown accustomed them through practice over time.

Is it hard for extroverts to be musicians?

If you're an introvert, is it hard to be a musician? Not necessarily. There are lots of things about being an introvert that can help you succeed as a musician and performer:

Introverts tend to be more creative than extroverts, so they have an edge in creating new music and writing songs.

Being shy doesn't mean that you don't have the skills required to be a good performer or public speaker—it just means that these activities will come more naturally (and require less effort) for an introverted person than for someone who is extroverted.

Being quiet doesn't mean that you're not comfortable with being in front of people—it just means that you might prefer not having everyone stare at your face all the time while they try to hear what comes out of your mouth!

What about the most outgoing, extroverted of us all?

So, what about the most outgoing, extroverted of us all? Reading this probably makes you feel pretty special. The truth is that those who are most comfortable in a room full of people are still introverts; they just don't necessarily identify as such. For example, there's a good chance that your pastor or Sunday school teacher is an extrovert (and if they're not, they're probably very good at putting up with other people).

For someone like this to shine in their role as host and lead a group discussion can be incredibly challenging—the spotlight feels uncomfortable and even overwhelming at times! If you find yourself in this position and want to be an exceptional host, here are some tips:

Be aware of who needs space from the group (if any).

Create an agenda ahead of time so everyone knows what’s coming next and when breaks will happen during the event.

Give people ample opportunity for small talk before getting into more formal discussions or activities; let attendees know that questions or comments can come anytime during the event.

Introverts can find voice through music.

While it’s difficult to say whether all musicians are introverts, there are many who find that music is a way to express themselves.

Music can help you feel less alone, and it can be a way to express your feelings. If you're an introvert who feels like music is the only way they can really connect with others, that's okay. It's not always easy to open up about your emotions and thoughts—especially when they're negative ones—but music allows you to connect on an emotional level even if you don't want to talk out loud about what's going on inside of you!

The answer is yes. In fact, many of the most famous musicians were introverts, including Beethoven and Emily Dickinson. Music is a way for introverts to express themselves—it’s an outlet for their creativity and a way for them to connect with people who love music as much as they do. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an extrovert or an introvert; being a musician can help anyone find their voice! To check out some more of our blogs on other commonly asked questions. Check out our school providing music lessons in Redmond. We have many interesting blogs to read on many different topics of the world of music!

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