How to Find Voice Lessons?

Nov 11 · 4 min read

So you've decided that you want to learn how to sing. Congratulations! Choosing the right voice instructor is one of the most important decisions you'll make, so we're here to help. Not all voice instructors are created equal; some have formal training and experience working with professional singers, while others may be great teachers but lack credentials or experience working with professionals. Here's how to figure out whether or not a teacher is right for you.

Consider your needs.

When looking for voice lessons, consider your needs. Do you want to learn how to sing opera? Are you hoping to find a teacher who can help you with songwriting? Maybe you just want to learn how to hold notes and sound better in the shower.

Each of these goals will require different kinds of training—and different kinds of instructors. This is why it's important that before choosing a teacher, you think about what kind of instruction would be appropriate for your needs.

Think about whether or not it's more important for you to focus on technique or repertoire. Some teachers are great at teaching technical exercises; others prefer working with students on specific songs (or even just parts of songs). Think through what kind of instruction would work best for your skill level and ultimate goal: do they focus on building strength and control over time? Or do they stress musicality over all else?

Look for credentials.

If you want to find a good voice teacher, it’s important that they have the right credentials. The best way to do this is to ask! A good way to start is by making sure that your potential instructor has a degree in voice (or music performance) from an accredited institution. If he or she does not have such a degree, you should ask about their training and experience with regards to teaching voice. You should also look for teachers who have been certified by reputable organizations such as NASM or ACSM (American Council on Exercise). If they've been teaching for ten years or more, this is another major indicator of whether someone will be able to teach you effectively and successfully help improve your singing technique.

Research a variety of teachers.

When you’re looking for voice lessons, it’s important to research a variety of teachers. This way, you can find someone who has experience teaching the type of voice you have and your age group. They should know how to teach the kind of music that interests you most and be able to tailor their lessons for your specific needs. Ideally, they will also be able to teach in another language or speak your native tongue fluently so that there are no misunderstandings during music practice sessions.

Look at references.

A good way to figure out if the instructor is a good fit for you is by asking for references. If they are willing to provide them, this is an indication that they have taught many students with varying abilities and backgrounds.

Next, ask the teacher if it's okay for you to sit in on one of their classes before committing. This will give you an opportunity to check out the tone, style and pace of their lessons as well as see how they interact with students. You'll also be able to hear what voice lessons sound like from a student’s perspective—and if there are any issues that might make it harder for you than others taking lessons there (such as noise level or location).

Another good resource is the teacher's website. You can see what type of work they have done, and check out their credentials. If they are teaching voice lessons, they should have some sort of certificate or certification in order to do so legally.

Observe a lesson.

If you're thinking about taking voice lessons, there's a good chance one of your first questions is "How do I find the right teacher?" The answer to this question can vary depending on many factors, including where you live and what kind of music interests you. However, if we had to give one piece of advice for finding great voice teachers: observe a lesson.

A lot has been written about observing other people before making big decisions in life (by which we mean everyone who has ever planned their wedding), but it's not often that we think about observing a lesson when considering whether or not someone should teach us how to sing. Observing lessons can tell you so much about both the student and teacher—and even help determine if they're right for each other!

Great voice instructors can help you improve your voice, but not all are the same!

To find the right voice teacher for you, look for one with these characteristics:

Experience. Look for a teacher who is experienced and has a good reputation. Someone with many years of teaching under his or her belt will likely have the best chance at helping you improve your voice.

Flexibility. Voice lessons can be expensive, so find someone who has flexible payment structures (such as payment plans) or who is willing to negotiate pricing based on your situation. There are also teachers who will come to you, which makes fitting lessons into your schedule easier than ever.

Empathy and understanding. You might not know what exactly it is that's holding back your voice, so look for someone who can help guide you toward discovering what might be in need of improvement or change—and then work with them until those changes are made!

Finding a great voice instructor can be a challenge. It’s important to do your research and find the right teacher for you. If you need help, don’t be afraid to ask friends or family members who have taken classes. They may have some recommendations from their own experiences! We hope this article helps you find voice lessons with ease. For more information about lessons at our school visit voice lessons in Redmond.

Marie Bergman
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