Why Being A Piano Teacher Is The Best Job Ever

Oct 4 · 6 min read

I love being a piano teacher. It's not the kind of job where you get to sit all day and do nothing. You have to work hard and constantly try to improve yourself as a musician, but it's worth all the effort because there's nothing like watching someone discover the magic in music for themselves.

I get to work with kids.

Working with kids is a blast.

They're eager to learn new things, have a lot of energy, and always have questions for you. Plus, they're usually happy and willing to try new things. Kids are funny too! I love how they think outside the box, which makes teaching them fun because I can help them think in different ways.


I get to help people achieve their dreams.

Being a piano teacher is such an amazing job because I get to help people achieve their dreams. Music can be used to learn other things, express yourself, relax, and focus. For example:

  • Learning other subjects - if you play music at home before taking a test or studying for an exam, it's proven that the brain learns information faster than if you did not play music first. This means that students who take lessons will likely do better on tests because they have practiced using their memory through playing or singing!
  • Expressing yourself - if you're someone who doesn't know how to express yourself well with words but love to write poems or stories on paper then piano lessons could be perfect for you! Playing instruments is one of the best ways we can communicate with others without having any difficulty understanding each other just like speaking does! If someone doesn't understand what speech sounds like then all they need is some practice before being able to talk again--but this isn't possible when trying out new notes from sheet music so learning how songs are written down beforehand helps make sure everyone gets along fine even though there might be some words missing from our conversations :)
  • Relaxing/relaxing away stress - many people use music as an escape from everyday life by closing their eyes and listening closely soothe them into feeling calm enough where there won't be any worries anymore when something bad happens later down road (ie: graduation) which makes us feel happy inside knowing everything was done correctly beforehand instead going through trial & error during stressful times while doing something different every day just hoping something works out favorably when really nothing ever does unless we plan ahead first."

I learn through teaching.

  • Music is a living, breathing thing, and it’s constantly changing. And the best way to keep up with that change is by teaching. When you teach a student something new, in a way you’re doing it for yourself as well. You get to be a part of that growth at both ends: as the teacher, who gets to see concepts anew each time through your student’s eyes; and as the student who sees new ideas come alive through sharing them with someone else.
  • Teaching piano also gives me an opportunity to learn about people—how they think, how they feel, what they want out of music lessons or life itself. It allows me not only to enjoy what I do but also to understand myself better by seeing my own strengths and weaknesses from someone else's viewpoint (and vice versa). Check out our piano lessons in Redmond.

Teaching helps me become a better musician.

When you're a teacher, you are constantly learning new things—which means that you start to see the world from a different perspective. As I grow as a piano teacher, I am also growing as an artist and musician.

Being able to explain what you know is an important skill for any music student or teacher to have. When teaching students of all ages and abilities, I've learned important ways of explaining concepts in ways that make sense for them (and me!). For example: when teaching rhythm patterns or musical vocabulary words like "accent," "direction," and "phrasing," it's easy to fall back on analogies like "a dot over top of another dot" (for dotted notes) or "left hand vs right hand" (for hands). But it's much more helpful when students can learn these concepts through their own experience rather than by rote memorization; this is especially true with younger children who need visual aids in order for their brains process information more effectively!


Set your own schedule.

If you're a piano teacher, there's a good chance that your schedule will be completely up to you. You can set your own hours and choose when you want to go in each day. Plus, if you want a little extra cash (or just some time off!) during the week, it's easy enough to pick up some weekend gigs or evening lessons as well.

It's also possible for teachers who teach privately or for small studios like ours at Music & Arts Center of Highland Park that we get summers off because our hours are flexible enough where we can work around other teachers' schedules and still keep our clients happy! And finally, if any of us are sick (which happens pretty often...it's hard working in front of computers all day), we don't have to worry about missing any money because no one goes into work when they're under the weather!


I get to have flexible hours

So, you’re in school and you want to make some extra money. You know, just to spend a little bit of it on things like food and paying your bills. If you've ever thought about becoming a piano teacher, now's the time!

As a piano teacher, I get to have flexible hours. On Monday I work after school hours at home but on Tuesday I can set my own schedule. On Wednesday I choose whether or not I want to work late into the evening or early morning (sometimes both). This means that if there is something important happening at school or with family and friends (like birthdays), then I can adjust my schedule accordingly so as not to miss out on anything important!


I get to have slow mornings. I work after school hours.

If you work in the evenings, this is a great thing. In the morning, when everyone else is out of the house and in their offices or schools or wherever they go during the day, you get to enjoy your solitude. You can linger over your coffee; you can read a book with no one judging your choice; you can take your time getting ready. When they come back home from work or school, you're already there waiting for them!

You also get to do all of your grocery shopping during midday rush hour—which means that it's much easier to park than at other times of day.

If it suits your schedule better, it may be possible for you to accept piano students only during school hours (or even just after school). This way, once summer rolls around again and those three months are up (if they aren't already), they'll be able to go ahead and start lessons again without having missed any instruction time at all!


I get to watch people discover the magic in music.

One of the best parts about being a piano teacher is watching people discover the magic in music. Most people think that playing an instrument is difficult, but it’s not when you break down each step piece by piece. Once students realize that learning to play an instrument isn’t as hard as they thought it would be, their self-confidence grows and they start to feel more empowered as musicians.

Music can be used in all kinds of ways—as therapy for children who have special needs or illnesses, as a tool for connecting with others who speak different languages, or even just as a way to express your emotions through melody and rhythm! Music is truly one of those universal languages that connects people all around the world regardless of age or background.


All things considered, being a piano teacher is the best job ever

All things considered, being a piano teacher is the best job ever. Here are just a few reasons why...

  • You get to work with kids! They love music and they're so full of energy. Getting to be around them for several hours every week makes you feel like you're making a difference in their lives. Plus, when you see their faces light up as they learn something new, or when they finally master that tricky piece that's been giving them trouble, it makes all of your hard work worth it!
  • You get to help people achieve their dreams! Whether they want to be an orchestral conductor or just play simple songs on the piano for fun at home (and who wouldn't want that?), having someone guide them through learning this instrument can be incredibly rewarding and inspiring as both teacher and student learn together how beautiful music can be.
  • Teaching helps you become a better musician yourself--and that's not even including all those benefits mentioned above! As an experienced piano player myself who has taught hundreds of students over my years as a professional instructor...let me just say: there's nothing more satisfying than seeing someone else gain confidence in themselves because of what I've done for them; and there's no greater joy than watching people discover the magic in music itself after having worked so hard themselves first."

In short, being a piano teacher is a fantastic choice for anyone who loves music and wants to share their passion with others. It's also an excellent way to earn money while pursuing your own artistic goals!

Marie Bergman
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