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private lessons with Daniella Gardner

Daniella Gardner


Daniella eclectic music background has afforded her a comprehensive understanding of musical styles and approaches to learning and teaching. Her approach to pedagogy was developed through her own experiences learning violin, piano and composition. At Berklee College of Music her musical training encouraged her to follow her passion and curiosities. At the same time, the program encouraged students to explore alternative ways of learning, that nurtured respect for individual styles and enrichment of one’s own relationship to music. The knowledge gathered during her training has matured into her own pedagogical philosophy, which values contemplative education, somatic awareness, and creative exploration as a means to developing one own’s artistic expression. Ms. Gardner's studies focused not only on technical progress, but also on the importance of cultivating personal growth through the exploration of music – which she incorporates in her own teacher-student relationships. Daniella takes pride in her capacity to identify what makes each individual unique, and is committed to finding creative ways to honor each student in the learning process. She believes in fostering a foundation for a long lasting love of music through cultivating a positive teacher-student relationship and learning environment, while also encouraging creativity, spontaneity, and curiosity.

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